Asset Manager

Our interesting take on managing the assets of a public body. Any government organization can be ask at any time to provide a list of current assets and the value of these assets.

This is where Asset Manager from Small City Software comes in. Asset Manager allows cities to enter all of their assets in one central location. The user is allowed to set the depreciation amount and the item will be depreciated over time at that rate.

In the dashboard section of Asset Manager you are able to see any item that requires routing maintenance and when it is due. This is set up when the item is entered into the system.

With Asset Manager, a citizen could walk in and ask for a list of city assets and get a printout by department in a matter of minutes. They could also see the maintenance   history of the city assets.

We offer a free 30 trial of our software to any government no matter the size or budget. We are so confident in our software and we want our customers to be 100% confident in their purchase decision we  allow this unprecedented trial period.