City Management Gone Wrong

I have been a volunteer in a small town since around 2005. I spend my time volunteering because I want to help in my own way build a better community for my children and any future residents of our town. I am an elected member of our city council and  help provide guidance as we grow. We do not receive payment in any way. We are completely and without question volunteers. I like it this way. This way every person on the board is there for hopefully the right reasons.


When I read about Bell, California I was disgusted to say the least. They are like all small towns across the United States hurting for revenue to provide basic services to the people they serve.  I know in the town where I live and volunteer we are very tight as far as our budget. We would like to fix more roads, build more parks and so on. We can’t we must balance our budget and spend what money we receive from tax revenue wisely and in the most efficient manner possible. We hold open meetings just on the budget every year and invite the public for input. We even have a 6-month review process so we ensure we stay on target. All of this is conducted under the watch full eye of the press and any resident who is interested. I think this is the way it should be and I would encourage any member of a small town to get a copy of the budget and ask questions. Any member of the city staff or your elected official should be able to answer any question you have.


I wanted to start Small City Software as a way to help small communities across the country because it was my way of giving back. As a software developer it is an area I can help them control cost and move forward. I realize that the vast majority of citizens go to work and home and worry about raising their families. I worry about all of those same things; I just try and make time to volunteer as well.


The elected officials have all been thrown out of office and now convicted for their aggresses scam on the people of Bell. Now it is time for their professional manager and his assistant manager. They have brought disgrace to the men and women of their entire profession. I hope we all learn from the crimes committed here and are more committed than ever to run an open and honest government.