Code Enforcement Software trials begin

We have began working with the local municipal government to be a beta tester for our software. So far Coder Enforcer has proven to be a big asset to small cities. One of the unique features of Code Enforcer is how it is build around the concept of community development. Code Enforcer is quickly becoming the go to software for communities looking to move forward with community development plans. The reason is the fact that Code Enforcer has specific tabs for things like rezoning, site plans, plats, conditional use, annexation and variances. These are the core components needed by those working in the community development arena.

Code Enforcer also has support for business licenses.  The city can issue and monitor as businesses come and go in their community. Our software also provides a means for the city to send out renewal notices when the business license is due for renewal.

A recent addition to Code Enforce was a recommendation for our beta tester. A local city clerk ask about adding the ability to add, track and maintain the municipal code that governs the cities. We thought that was a great idea since we call our software Code Enforcer we agreed it should manage all city code. That update will be coming out soon.