Police RMS

Small City Software has listened to our customers over the years and we have developed a records management system designed for small to midsize  cities across the US.

Small City Software RMS allows police departments across the country to have a cost effective solution to records management. Our RMS product is build to handel the load that can be put on it by a busy police department. Our proven technologies allow policing agencies across the country know that their RMS is there when needed.

Unlike many RMS providers we believe in pricing inclusion. Each department is given a 10 user license as part of the purchase price. No base price pus each user fee. We are committed to building enterprise level solutions for the smaller cities and counties at affordable prices so they can take advantage of the advances in technologies just like the large agencies.

If you are a law enforcement agency and are looking for a RMS solution for your department we provide you a FREE 30 trial of our software. We are 100% confident in our product and we want you to be 100% in your decision to purchase. If you need a few things changed around we are happy to customize our software to fit your complete needs. No need for your department to make do when we can make it right.

Contact us today to see how we can help.