Small City Software launches crowd funding campaign

Today we launched our campaign for funding of our software Code Enforcer and Asset Manager. We have long been committed to working and volunteering to help our communities better, this is extension of that. We are software developers and we have turned our love of software development to small cities across America. Many Small Cities have tight budgets yet need professional software to serve the residents of their communities.

We have decided to grant cities that show a need for our software an install of our application. We plan to award 1 install per quarter for the next 2 years. To do this we need help in raising the money to develop the application. We have turned to for crowd funding. Here is a link to our campaign. Please visit Small City Software to see our campaign. By receiving some funding from the crowd funding model it will allow us the ability to grant our software to those communities that other wise may not have access. All of your help is appreciated.